Costanza’s comments too harsh

Former North Brunswick Democratic Township Council candidate Marion Costanza should given a little more thought before criticizing the new Care-To-Walk office at the municipal building.

Her remarks that Councilwoman Maureen Little was just using the office for political gain have generated a firestorm of criticism from friends and opponents alike.

Costanza said the office would be used for campaigning by certain members of the Republican Party who are involved with the group.

While she did make the point that other groups should be given the same courtesy as Care-To-Walk, and we think they should, it seems that the efforts being made by that group are truly noble and worthwhile.

That group has worked for this office for several years now, and Maureen Little has received applause for her role in that.

It is the kind of thing that should not be made into something political.

Costanza should look at other issues to challenge council members on, not this one.