Man accused of homicides could face death penalty

Tykot of Monroe Township pleaded not guilty to three murders

By:David Koch
   MOUNT HOLLY — The Burlington County prosecutor’s office announced last week it will cite several aggravating factors in seeking the death penalty for a man accused of a triple homicide.
   Brian J. Tykot, 35, of Monroe Township pleaded not guilty to the murder of three North Hanover residents in January.
   The aggravating factors were filed with Superior Court Judge John A. Almeida on July 1 during Mr. Tykot’s arraignment hearing.
   In seeking the death penalty, the prosecution says it intends to prove the victims were killed during the course of a robbery and to escape prosecution, said Jim Ronca, deputy first assistant prosecutor.
   If a jury convicts Mr. Tykot of capital murder, the same jury would then have to decide whether to impose the death penalty.
   The jury would have to weigh the aggravating factors against mitigating factors raised by Mr. Tykot’s defense when rendering a decision on the death penalty. State Public Defender Kevin Walker is defending Mr. Tykot.
   A hearing for pre-trial motions is scheduled for Sept. 23, said Mr. Ronca.
   Mr. Tykot, a former floor installer, was arrested and charged with killing three North Hanover residents, Mr. Nevius, 49; his brother, Edward Nevius, 43; and Ms. Fort, 43, at their mobile home in January during a robbery.
   A grand jury charged Mr. Tykot in May with three counts of capital murder, three counts of felony murder based on allegations that each victim was killed during a robbery, one count of armed robbery, one count of burglary, two counts of possession of weapons for an unlawful purpose, one count of hindering apprehension and one count of criminal contempt, county prosecutors said.
   A felony murder is not subject to the death penalty and it must be proven that the murders were committed in the course of a felony.
   A capital murder charge can carry the death penalty if it’s proven the accused conducted the murders with purposeful intent.
   The three North Hanover residents were discovered dead in their mobile home at the California Village Trailer Park on Jan. 5 by an acquaintance. State Police detectives arrested Mr. Tykot on Jan. 10 for the murders after an investigation.
   County prosecutors alleged Mr. Tykot committed the murders during a robbery armed with a shotgun and knife. Mr. Ronca said the defendant stole money and collectable items from the mobile home.
   Mr. Tykot is currently being held at Burlington County Jail in lieu of a $1 million bail.
   Mr. Ronca said the last time anyone was executed in New Jersey was 1964. If Mr. Tykot is convicted and receives the death penalty, he would be executed by lethal injection.