From the Managing Editor

Editor encourages community participation

Karl VilacobaKarl Vilacoba

Greetings! I would like to thank you for checking out the Brick Bulletin, and tell you a little about myself and your new paper.

When I was asked to be the managing editor of the Bulletin, I accepted with honor and high hopes that we will become a staple of the Brick community. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be overnight, but I am confident that with your help we can make that happen.

As managing editor, my personal philosophy is that local municipal and school news stories are the backbone of a community paper. But another integral part of this paper will be features about the people, places and events in the community. To that end, I invite you to interact with us and let us know what’s happening in your lives.

Some of you may have ideas that you feel would make a good story. Perhaps you know of an upcoming community event that warrants coverage, or would like to get the word out on an event so others can join you.

Clubs and nonprofit groups are welcome to send news of their upcoming events.

Share those ideas with us. We can be reached by e-mail at and by fax at (732) 780-4192. You can also call me with a breaking news tip or feedback on the paper at (732) 358-5200, ext. 8351.

You are welcome to share important social events in your lives with the community, such as engagements, marriages, birth announcements, and milestone wedding anniversaries. Call (732) 358-5200, ext. 8248, to request a form to fill out. We periodically run announcements on dean’s list honors, scholastic achievements, military service, business announcements and other community honors.

The Bulletin also accepts obituary information.

Finally, one of the greatest parts of a newspaper is its letters-to-the-editor section. I encourage you to write to the Bulletin, but we do have ground rules.

In general, letters should be kept to about 250 words, although we sometimes will run longer submissions as guest columns. We ordinarily do not run more than one letter per month by the same writer.

Of course, all of these services are free of charge. We have Monday production deadlines for our Wednesday paper, so if your submissions are time sensitive, please get them to us as early as possible.

Thanks again, and I hope you have enjoyed the first issue of the Bulletin.