10 Weeks and 10 Years

By: Betty Jane Hunt
   The theme of the 2003 West Amwell Township Country Fair Sept. 13 will be the 1950s.
   In order to prepare everyone and make you more astute about this period of history, we will have 10 trivia questions each week before the fair, covering events from each of the 10 years from that decade.
   Here are your questions for 1955:
   1. Who was the township attorney for the entire decade?
   2. What was the first modern day theme park to open?
   3. What two major fast food chains were started?
   4. What big money TV quiz show was introduced by Revlon?
   5. What adult western began the first of 20 prime-time seasons and became American’s longest-running prime-time dramatic series with a continuous cast of characters?
   6. What Disney production debuted that starred Annette Funicello and the other "Mouseketeers?"
   7. What teen idol died in a car accident before the release of "Rebel Without A Cause" and after becoming an instant star in "East of Eden?"
   8. What did a senate committee investigating juvenile delinquency denounce as offering "short courses in crime?"
   9. What two labor unions merged?
   10. What happened to President Eisenhower Sept. 23 that caused the nation anxiety?
   Answers to 1954 questions:
   1. Who was the West Amwell Township tax assessor for the entire decade?
   W. Alfred Wooden who lived on Wooden’s Lane where Committeeman Bleacher and his family live now. Al Wooden was also registrar and did the marriage licenses at his home. He was a farmer and delivered eggs in Plainfield with his brother, Melvin, a couple times a week.
   Wooden’s Lane was once filled with the Wooden’s because Al was one in a family of nine children who grew up on that road.
   2. What phrase was added to the Pledge of Allegiance Flag Day?
   "Under God."
   3. What famous sports hero and movie star married and later in the year divorced?
   Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe.
   4. What sports magazine was first published?
   Sports Illustrated.
   5. What rock ‘n roll record by Bill Haley and the Comets became the best selling single record?
   "Rock Around the Clock."
   6. What famous ballet premiered Feb. 6?
   "The Nutcracker."
   7. What English medical student at Oxford University became the first person on record to complete a mile in less than four minutes?
   Roger Bannister.
   8. What famous passenger jet made its maiden flight July 19?
   Boeing 7079.
   9. Fess Parker ignited a fad and a Disney marketing bonanza when he starred in the Walt Disney television and movie stories about this famous American?
   Davy Crockett.
   10. Who was named Athlete of the Year and made his famous over-the-shoulder basket catch to rob the Cleveland Indians of a home run in the World Series?
   Willie Mays.
   There will be exhibit tables at the fair. Anyone having collections of 1950s memorabilia are encouraged to contact the clerk’s office at 397-2054 to reserve space.