Awards presented at the opening reception of the New Jersey State History Fair Art Exhibit

Awards presented at the opening reception of the New Jersey State History Fair Art Exhibit at the Prallsville Mills Saw Mill Gallery on Sunday April 15, 2012.  The 2012 New Jersey History Fair Art Exhibit hopes to become an annual event helping to connect the arts with New Jersey’s beautiful historic sites.  The twelve award winners chosen will be exhibited in the Visitors Center
2012 from 11 AM to 5 PM.  The three exhibit jurors were Janet Hunt, Coryell gallery owner and Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commissioner, Dan Saunders, Administrator, NJ Historic Preservation Office and Mel Leipzig, professor and renowned New Jersey artist for more than 35 years. The Awards were presented by the Exhibit Committee, Edith S. Sharp, Executive Director, Delaware River Mill Society, Beverly A. Weaver, Supervisor Office of Historic Sites, Vicki Chirco, Resource InterpretiveSpecialist, Historic Resources, D&R Canal State Park.
Award Categories
1. Best of Show – ROBERT SAKSON- for a dramatic depiction of an historic bridge built in 1898 to cross the Delaware
2. Overall 2nd – RICHARD HOFFMAN – for his watercolor of the historic Benson St. in Camden. Capturing the important urban history of one of New Jersey’s early cities
3. Overall 3rd – ROBERT LAFOND- for his painting of Washington Crossing, the site of one of the most historic events in New Jersey’s
and our nation’s history
4. Best State-Owned Historic Properties- ROY REINARD – for hisVibrant colors and unusual perspective of one of the most painted
state-owned sites
5. Best Non-State Owned Historic Property – J C TURNER- for her beautiful painting of the home of New Jersey’s most famous
immigrant, Albert Einstein
6. Best Historic Landscape- JAS SZYGIEL- for his poetic evocation of the 19th century charm of the D&R Canal
7. Best Architectural Detail- LI-HSIEN CHUNG PRICE- for her painting of subtle color and detail of the cupola and cornice detail of the historic Courthouse in Flemington, site of the Lindbergh trial.
8. Best Historic Artifact- JACK QUINN- for his depiction of the factory building of Speedwell Village in Morristown. The historic artifact attached to the building makes the painting.
9. Best Interpretive Use- ANN-MARI BROMAN- for her photograph of Dutch colonist reenactors at Bouman-Stickney Farm, Readington,
10. Best Historic Monument / Sculpture- STEPHEN SCHWAB-for his resin sculpture of St. Ann’s Church, an important architectural
feature of Hampton, NJ
11. Best Use of Materials- KATE KANE- for her mosaic depicting Orson Welles’ “The War of the Worlds,” October 1938. NJ’s most important event that did not happen
12. Most Innovative- DIANE LUFRANO- for her painting which combines different techniques of abstraction and realism with unusual
perspective of solar panels on the historic Stevens Institute
This exhibit was open to work in all media. The entire exhibit is on display in the Prallsville Mills Saw Mill Gallery, Stockton, NJ, 08559 from
April 14 to April 28. Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 1 to 4 PM. The exhibit can be seen weekdays, Mondays to Thursday by calling the Mill
Society Office, 609 397 3586, to see the exhibit.