HILLSBOROUGH: Police investigate nine incidents of cars being entered at night  

Hillsborough police investigated nine reports of nighttime burglaries of vehicles parked outside residences in the three days of Sept. 2-4.
Seven incidents were reported Sept. 2.
Three were on Deanna Drive. In one, $159 of estimated damaged was inflicted on a convertible top. In another, two vehicles were reported entered, with items worth $160 being stolen. In the third, items worth an estimated $124 were taken and a window was broken.
Three others were on Bloomingdale Drive. One resident said a radar detector, valued at $200, was taken from a vehicle. Another said various items, valued at $75, were stolen. Another residence said one vehicle in the garage and one outside were burgled, and items were taken from the garage. Value of the stolen items was put at $330.
A Balmoral Court resident said two vehicles outside the home were entered in the previous night and items were taken. Both of the vehicles were scratched with an unknown object, police said.
A Cromwell Court resident reported Sept. 3 items valued at $110 were taken sometime in the past few nights from a vehicle parked outside the home. On the same day, a Deanna Drive resident reported a vehicle was entered and a window was broken. The cost to repair was put at $100.
Chief Paul Kaminsky reminded residents to lock vehicles and keep valuables out of sight. This will help to deter crimes of opportunity, he said. He urged people to report any suspicious activity promptly to the local police.
In other police reports:
— On Sept. 4 a Bloomingdale Drive resident reported a ladder and shop vacuum were taken from his open garage sometime in the previous two days. Value of the items was put at $150.
— On Sept. 2 a Roycefield Road resident said that a quad, a dirt bike, a compressor and scrap met were stolen in the overnight. Value of the items was put at $1,200.
— The employee of a Route 206 business reported Sept. 1 that someone scratched and dented her vehicle while it was parked in a lot of a business during daytime hours. Damage was estimated at $1,200.
— A Route 206 resident reported Sept. 1 that his mailbox, which had been mounted along the road, had been stolen sometime overnight. The value was estimated at $15.
Police also reported three incidents of alleged driving while under the influence:
— Gary Ciancio, 34, of Middlesex was charged Aug. 16 after his vehicle was stopped by police on Route 206. His blood alcohol content registered at 0.12 percent, police said. He was also charged with speeding.
— Yeni Pena, 32, of Bound Brook was charged after her vehicle was stopped on Triangle Road on Aug. 28. Police said her blood alcohol content was found to be 0.15 percent. She was also charged with failing to keep right.
— Alexis Salomon-Cabrera, 35, of Skillman was charged after being stopped by police Aug. 28 on Route 206. His blood alcohol content was found to be 0.21 percent, police said. He was also charged with failing to keep right, being an unlicensed driver and failing to exhibit registration.
In all three cases, the drivers were released and given dates to come to municipal court. 