Planners grant approval for 16-home development

Staff Writer

MARLBORO — The Planning Board has approved the construction of Marlboro Estates, a 16-home development that will be built on Texas Road.

The 9.8-acre property where the homes will be constructed is a corner lot with 556 feet of frontage on Texas Road and 824 feet of frontage on Wooleytown Road. The developer will subdivide the parcel into 17 lots — 16 lots for homes and one lot for a detention basin.

The R-20/15 residential zone requires a minimum lot area of 20,000 square feet (half-acre), according to a report prepared by Laura Neumann of CME Associates, the board’s engineer.

Attorney Mitchell Jacobs and project engineer Syed Husain appeared before the board with letters from Marlboro Police Sgt. Joseph Lenge and Fire Inspector John W. Borden.

Lenge’s letter stated that Hillcrest Road is acceptable as the name of the road in Marlboro Estates and that an embankment at the intersection of Hillcrest and Texas roads must be removed to open up the sight triangle for vehicles exiting Hillcrest Road onto Texas Road.

Borden’s letter stated that he found no significant fire hazards referring to the Marlboro Estates project.

The board received a letter from Katherine Guth, a resident whose property is next to the proposed site. Guth said her primary concerns were about endangered animals that might be in the area, water issues and tree removal.

Husain responded by saying the state Department of Environmental Protection determined the area in question is rated a two out of five on a scale regarding endangered wildlife. He said the animals in question

— cooper hawks, wood thrush and box turtles — are not considered to be endangered species, but are special concerns.

In her letter, Guth said she is concerned the development of Marlboro Estates will increase the pooling of water and flooding in her front yard. Husain said the plan will not increase the pooling of water in her yard.

Guth was also concerned about tree removal and asked to be notified before any trees are removed. Husain said she will be notified of any tree removal and he said any trees to be removed would be on the development site.

Husain said a 2.5-acre wooded area needs to be removed and the area graded. He said trees will be planted to create a wooded environment for the new homeowners.

At Neumann’s request, Husain agreed to examine various options to discharge and filter excess water on the site.

If any roadwork is needed on Texas Road, the developer of Marlboro Estates is required to do a curb-to-curb restoration of the construction area.

In other business, the board approved a minor site plan for Economy Forms Co. (EFCO), 77 Vanderburg Road, through Transform, LTD. The plan proposed the addition of 1,768 square feet in the rear of an existing office building.

Documents stated there are no proposed changes to the existing access on Vanderburg Road or on-site parking. There are proposed changes to the landscaping.

Jacobs and Thomas Muller from Dynamic Engineering Consulting presented the plan. Muller said EFCO expects to add several employees over the next few years.

EFCO produces forming and shoring equipment for concrete construction, according to its website.