Grants will pay for road work and generator in Marlboro

Staff Writer

The Marlboro Township Council has accepted grants that will fund two projects in the municipality.

The Department of Transportation provided a grant of $240,000 to be used for improvements to Texas Road. The grant will cover all work and materials.

“We are trying to get as many grants and fix as many roads as possible before the winter,” Mayor Jonathan Hornik said. “The last two winters have been brutal and we will fix the infrastructure of our roads as soon as possible.”

The second grant was from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $250,000 and will be used by municipal officials to purchase an emergency generator.

“We learned very quickly during superstorm Sandy that the system gets overwhelmed very quickly,” Hornik said. “We are prepared for this winter in case we do not have a mild winter. We can take care of our residents and our own if necessary.”

In other business, officials designated 14 locations as bus stops. The locations are Route 9 North and Texas Road at the Marlboro Old Bridge border; Route 9 North and Robertsville Road; Route 9 South and Robertsville Road; Route 9 South and Sandburg Drive; Route 9 South and Longfellow Terrace; Route 9 South and Ivy Hill Drive; Route 9 South and the jughandle at the Marlboro-Manalapan border; Route 9 North ramp and Union Hill Road; Route 9 North and Union Hill Road (park and ride); Route 9 North and Willow Lane; Route 79 North and Inverness Drive; Route 79 North and Newton Street; Route 79 North and Blossom Avenue; and Route 79 South and Station Road.

According to documents provided by officials, the bus stops were never authorized through a municipal ordinance. The council was awarded a grant of $7,974 from the Bureau of Justice Assistance for the purchase of 15 bulletproof vests for law enforcement personnel. Marlboro officials have the option of selecting ballistic vests and/or stab-resistant vests.

And, the council rejected bids from Royal Irrigation, Garden Irrigation and Lucas Construction Group for contracts for parking lot snow removal services.

The bids were for snow removal for Route 9 and Texas Road with an alternate bid for Union Hill Road for the 2015-16 winter season.

Royal Irrigation bid $10,150 for Route 9 and Texas Road and $17,300 for Union Hill Road. Garden Irrigation bid $23,750 for Route 9 and Texas Road and $47,500 for Union Hill Road. Lucas Construction bid $101,060 for Route 9 and Texas Road and $181,815 for Union Hill Road.

Officials said the lowest bid from Royal Irrigation was rejected due to the company’s inability to include valid registrations for all equipment to be furnished under the contract.

In other business, the council confirmed that an emergency contract has been awarded to Lucas Construction Group for the purpose of emergency water repairs.

According to documents, the Department of Public Works reported a water main break on Sept. 11 in front of 526 Route 79 which affected 49 customers and six fire hydrants. The repair contract will be for an amount that is not to exceed $7,059.

Officials accepted the transfer of two surplus military vehicles from the U.S. Department of Defense without charge. The township accepted a 2012 dump truck valued at $72,425 and a 2004 stretch Hummer H1 valued at $127,000.

Council members adopted an ordinance for the purchase of six police cars at a cost that will not exceed $162,000.