CENTRAL JERSEY: Princeton, Lawrence police joining statewide ‘Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day’

By Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
The Princeton Police Department and the Lawrence Township Police Department are joining law enforcement agencies statewide to “Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day” Oct. 10 to reinforce safe driving behaviors.
Police officers will be on the look-out on that day for unsafe driving behaviors, such as seat-belt violations, speeding and other motor vehicle violations, in an effort to make the state’s roadways fatality free for one day.
The initiative is not limited to motorists, however. Police will be vigilant in enforcing pedestrian safety laws. Bicyclists and motorcyclists also are being asked to take extra care on Oct. 10 to make it a fatality-free day.
In New Jersey, 556 people were killed in motor vehicle-related crashes in 2014 — up from 542 in 2013. Pedestrian fatalities also increased, from 129 in 2013 to 170 in 2014 in New Jersey, according to police.
In Princeton, there were 18 accidents involving pedestrians last year — all of which involved injuries. The last fatal pedestrian accident occurred in 2013. There were no fatal motor vehicle accidents in Princeton last year, but so far this year, there has been one fatal car accident.
Lawrence Township police said there were two pedestrian fatalities and three fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2014. There were no pedestrian fatalities in 2013, but there were four motor vehicle fatalities.
Statewide, law enforcement agencies will be using variable message boards and conducting educational activities to raise public awareness of the issue.
“’Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day’ not only raises awareness about the individual responsibility we have for our driving behaviors, but also engages drivers in making positive changes behind the wheel every day of the year,” said Lt. Timothy Drew of the Lawrence Township Police Department.
“Clearly, this effort will go a long way in our continuing efforts to stem the tide of tragedies that occur every day on New Jersey’s roadways,” Lt. Drew said. 