JCP&L identifies, corrects nearly 100 circuit issues

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) has completed thermovision inspections on 300 circuits on its distribution system across northern and central New Jersey.

The inspections feature thermographic cameras and serve to detect potential problems on wires and other equipment that cannot be observed during regular visual inspections. The cameras capture infrared images of distribution lines exiting substations and where fuses are located on poles. The images are downloaded to a computer and reviewed. The infrared technology shows heat on a color scale with brighter or “hot spots” indicating potential problems. As a result of the inspections, JCP&L identified and corrected nearly 100 problems.

JCP&L conducts the thermovision inspections on all of its circuits on a four-year cycle. The inspections are part of JCP&L’s previously announced plans to spend $267 million in 2015 to help enhance and maintain a strong electrical system and help meet future growth.