WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: Learn to deal with stress in schools

Helen Ming, West Windsor
Recently there has been much talk about “reducing stress” in our schools. Schools are busy cutting homework, projects, and tests in order to “reduce student stress.” An advanced math class and orchestra program were cut as a result. More programs may be on the cutting board soon.
As someone who has interviewed applicants for both school admission and job openings, I understand it is a virtue to be able to perform under stress. Unfortunately, the world we are facing now, and our children will face in the future, is getting more complicated and more stressful every day. If our kids have to cope with stress or pressure sooner or later, it is better for them to learn to do so now, at school.
No pain, no gain. More often than not, difficult period is also when we grow the fastest. Olympic medalists are not trained with flowers and cheers embracing them all the time. Tomorrow’s leaders will come out of today’s rigorous training, often with stress.
I applaud West Windsor BOE candidate Jordon DeGroote’s foresight to support quality education in our schools.
Helen Ming
West Windsor