Reader opposes bear-management plan

When Cecil the lion was wounded and then killed by an American dentist back in July, the world was outraged. Now is your time to stop the same fate for New Jersey black bears.

Despite only 390 public comments supporting an expanded bear hunt versus 6,635 comments against the expansion, the New Jersey Fish and Game Council voted to approve the new Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy (CBBMP), thus ignoring the will of the majority in favor of those who enjoy killing animals for entertainment. New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner, Bob Martin, has yet to sign the plan. Please contact him at 609-292-2885 and at commissioner@ to ask him to reject the 2015 CBBMP.

Also, please visit for more ways to help. You can’t bring back Cecil the lion, but you can help the black bears of New Jersey.

Dawn Zelinski Middletown