HOPEWELL TWP.: Lester campaign was subjected to ‘mean-spirited’ attacks, she says 

To the editor: 
Thank you to all the residents who took the time to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3. It is a shame that such a small percentage of the electorate actually voted.
The campaign season of 2015 has finally ended. Once again, Hopewell Township residents were subjected to mean-spirited attacks of one of the candidates, misquotes, misleading statements and outright fabrications. Local elections are important and the residents of Hopewell Township deserve to be treated better.
Julie Blake was never attacked by Harvey Lester’s campaign, and we believe that is the way a campaign should be run. We promised and delivered a clean campaign, discussing local issues. We will always respect the voters of Hopewell Township by allowing them to make their decisions based on facts, not fiction. Someday I hope both sides will campaign fairly. 
Mary Jane Chipowsky 
Chairwoman 
Republican County Committee 
Hopewell Township 