Educator may be pushing ‘talking points’

I can understand and respect Mr. J. Peter Clark’s opposition (“Pride of a North Brunswick educator, Sentinel, Nov. 26) to my viewpoint regarding the Dec. 8 school bond referendum (“Resident says ‘no’ to two new schools,” Sentinel, Nov. 19).

Of course, as an employee of the school district for over 30 years, he must support his immediate supervisor, as will other employees of the system. His response recites the “talking points” that we have heard many times over, without specifics. Statements made by him or other Board of Education employees, who feed at the public trough, should be considered “self serving”. However, the taxpayers of this community should have the final say on how their money should be spent. The statements about minimal tax increases, increases in property values and enhanced education benefits are not quantified. This $87 million program has all the earmarks of an “Empire building” special interest group that currently accounts for over 60 percent of our property taxes.

I urge a no vote on Dec. 8.

Richard A. Pender
North Brunswick