PLAINSBORO: Township receives grant to make it more energy efficient


By Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
PLAINSBORO — Plainsboro Township’s Recreation and Cultural Center and the Rush Holt Environmental Education Center will be getting some upgrades to make them more energy efficient, thanks to Sustainable Jersey.
Plainsboro Township has received a $10,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey that will allow it to install high efficiency LED indoor and outdoor lighting at the recreation center and the environmental education center, according to Plainsboro Township officials.
The Rush Holt Environmental Education Center, located at the Plainsboro Preserve on Scotts Corner Road, also will get a 5-ton water source heat pump and faucet aerators, township officials said. It will take less than two years for all of the projects to pay for themselves in energy savings.
“We are very grateful to Sustainable Jersey and the Gardinier Environmental Fund for this $10,000 grant that will help Plainsboro Township reduce its carbon footprint and reduce the cost of municipal operations,” said Mayor Peter Cantu.
The Gardinier Environmental Fund is funding the $10,000 grant for Plainsboro Township’s energy efficiency upgrades. The environmental fund has provided $385,000 to the Sustainable Jersey Small Grants program.
The Gardinier Environmental Fund is committed to conserving the earth’s energy resources and enhancing renewable energy measures, said Gene Wentzel, who is the president of the Gardinier Environmental Fund.
“We are proud to stand alongside Sustainable Jersey and to continue to fund worthy projects that support our mutual goals in New Jersey,” Mr. Wentzel said. 