Bear hunt approved though many are opposed

Do others feel like the government officials of New Jersey do whatever they please despite the will of the people? For example, you would “think” that when the government asks for public comment about an expanded bear hunt and only 390 are in favor of it, while 6,635 are opposed, that we might not have a bear hunt? Well, you would be wrong because New Jersey officials do whatever they want. New Jersey Department of Environment Protection Commissioner, Robert Martin, just approved the expanded hunt.

I just wrote to Governor Christie to complain, but I have zero hope that he will do anything. Recall he vetoed the ban on pig gestation crates — those torture chambers where mother pigs spend their lives not even able to turn around. Ninety percent (yes, 90 percent) of residents wanted them banned, but nope, Governor Christie vetoed the bill that had easily passed both houses of Congress.

It is obvious that our opinions mean little to state officials.

Dawn Zelinski