Grateful for service to the community

We wish to make all the readership of the News Transcript aware of the superlative contribution made by Dr. Lawrence Weiner and Dr. Gregory Jewell and all their associates and staff at Town and Country Veterinary Services in Manalapan.

The best way we can describe how they work is tirelessly, efficiently, sensitively and neighborly. They seem that way no matter what new hire joins their team, no matter what task they take on. They take a personal interest in your pet’s welfare. They take care to be thorough about your pet’s needs and delicate as to how your pet care experience affects you.

They make those little, but significant gestures beyond the expected that endears them to you enough that you want them as your neighbors. They know why they are there and you come away all the more grateful for their contribution to the community. For 15 years we have seen all that we have stated about them to be true.

We highly recommend you stop in and give these folks the chance to show you how wonderful an experience pet care can be for you and your pets. You will get great pet care, but also likely make great friends there. Thank you, Town and Country Veterinary Services.

Lance and Leslie Cox
Freehold Township