Thank you for support of open space program

A few months ago I authored a Letter to the Editor dealing with an effort to have Stone Road Meadows in Hazlet be designated as and purchased under the Open Space Program, and then developed into a county park. I asked for the support of the Hazlet Township Council in passing a resolution in support of the effort, which had been championed by the Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance (HAQLA) for many years.

The Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance, as do I, wishes to say thank you not only to the Hazlet Township Council but also to the Board of Freeholders who, after receiving notification of the council’s support, passed its own resolution of support and has been working with the County Parks Commission in moving forward with the project. The Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance also wishes to thank the municipal governments of Keyport, Union Beach, and Keansburg, as well as the Hazlet Open Space and Hazlet Environmental organizations, for their public support. This is just the beginning of a long, maybe up to 10-year, process in bringing this project to a reality, but it is now finally out of the starting blocks.

The Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance will continue to work closely with and fully support county and township efforts as this project moves forward.

Captain Charles E. Hoffman Jr.
USN (Ret)