HOPEWELL: Carbon monoxide beep brought a quick, pleasant fire response 

To the editor: 
Last Sunday my carbon monoxide detector was beeping constantly and any attempts on my part to quell its incessant ringing was in vain. I finally resorted to old advice, “When all else fails, read the instructions,“ which I promptly obeyed and dialed 911.
I was expecting perhaps an official car with a detector available. Instead a fire engine, complete with much manpower, arrived within minutes and entered my home. They quickly determined that no threat of carbon monoxide existed.
I was embarrassed to cause such a commotion but the gentlemen were kind and professional and assured me that I did the right thing and suggested that I install a new detector.
We are fortunate to live in a town where volunteers take time from their personal lives to serve its residents. Please accept my thanks to all of you. I appreciate your dedication more than mere words can express. 
JoAnne Stransky 
Hopewell Borough 