HILLSBOROUGH: Local Democrats open candidate search

Hillsborough Democrats are seeking potential candidates to run for the one Hillsborough Township Committee member seat open in the general election of November 2016.
Hillsborough Democrats believe in an open process for the selection of their candidates for public office, said John Beggiato, Hillsborough Democratic Organization chairman.
“While we certainly know of highly qualified individuals who have expressed an interest in running, we encourage any interested Democrat to submit a letter stating their interest and a resume with their background,” he said.
The letter and resume should be sent to Mr. Beggiato at 62 Peterson Road, Hillsborough NJ 08844 by Jan. 7. The organization will review the resumes and expects to identify a candidate by the end of January.
“In this exciting presidential election year, we know Hillsborough Democrats will be ready to step up and become involved in the Hillsborough Democratic Organization as we elect Democrats on all levels of government,” said Mr. Beggiato.
Direct questions to borodems@gmail.com or call Mr. Beggiato at 908-505-5150. 