HOPEWELL TWP.: Traffic metering at Route 31 circle called ‘a disaster’

To the editor: 
I like to ask this question. Does anyone else in our area think that the metering lights at the circle are a traffic disaster?
It took me 10 minutes to get from the backup at Starbucks to get to the circle, then sat there waiting for the light to change to get into the southbound Route 31 lane to get on Route 546. Nasty.
Who ever thought to put these lights would help the traffic pattern did not take the time to observe the traffic flow of Route 31. There is too much traffic for metering lights to help they just make everything back up. SHUT THEM OFF.
There was no need for metering. The light at Delaware Avenue and the light by Denow Road serve that purpose. If you agree with me, let your opinion be known. 
Stanley Saperstein 
Pennington 