HILLSBOROUGH: Unneeded traffic light causes traffic backup on Route 206 at Valley Road

To the editor: 
Route 206 in Hillsborough is a highway that many residents travel daily. However, in recent years residents have had to find alternate routes to avoid 206 all together.
During the weekday hours of 4 to 7 p.m., highway 206 is virtually a log jam. Although there are many issues that cause this route to turn into a parking lot between these hours, I would like to draw attention to one specific traffic light. That’s the one located between the Wendy’s restaurant and the traffic light at the intersection of Route 206 and Valley Road.
The issue with this traffic light is that it holds no purpose whatsoever. One can conclude the light was put in to aid cars in getting on and off from 206 to an apartment housing complex. The issues arises on the fact that the housing complex has not yet been built. This traffic light has no purpose, and unfortunately Hillsborough residents must pay the consequences. An extra light means cars must stop more frequently. This may be one of the direct causes of an increase in traffic.
Next, the light uses up a large amount of electricity. The electricity to run the traffic light must then be paid my Hillsborough residents through taxes. It it completely understandable to have a traffic light there once the apartment complex is completed but until then all the light is good for is increasing both traffic and taxes. 
Nicholas Cizin 
Hillsborough 