Commissioner must uphold wishes of voters

Judge Susan Scarola’s ruling recommending the issuance of $33 million in bonds for school improvements in Freehold Borough is yet another nail in the coffin for our community’s dwindling working class.

The tax increase that would be heaped upon an already overburdened taxpaying citizenry is unconscionable. No one questions the fact that some improvements are needed, but the amount requested is absolutely absurd.

The bond issuance was brought before the voters twice and twice the voters rejected it overwhelmingly. The message that the clearly expressed wishes of the voters are of no consequence is one that is absolutely anathema to our democratic institutions.

As the root causes of the overcrowding have not been, nor apparently will be addressed by our feckless legislators, it is now up to New Jersey Education Commissioner David Hespe to right this nullification of the voters’ wishes.

David Giffler
Freehold Borough