Residents support Marlboro school referendum

I have lived in Marlboro for 20 years. Both my son, a sophomore in college, and my daughter, a sophomore in high school, went to Marlboro Elementary School and Marlboro Middle School. I do not live in one of the neighborhoods where the proposed schools are to be built. My wife is a teacher in a Marlboro elementary school.

My wife and I are both voting yes on March 14. Am I totally satisfied with the referendum? No, I’m not. However, the fact is, we desperately need both schools.

Our children, like children everywhere, are our lifeblood. To hold them hostage because of politics and "nimbyism" is reprehensible. To send letters to our senior citizens, inflating costs so that they will vote no, is deplorable.

I’ve seen a lot in my 20 years here, including a municipal election with more mud than a ballfield after a torrential downpour. But trying to stop this referendum by any and all means and punishing our children takes the cake.

Vote yes on March 14.

Marvin Garber