Rail line would pose danger to youngsters

This is in response to the letter to the editor from Norman Fine ("Fear of Rail Line Exhaust Is Much Ado About Nothing") in the March 29 issue of your newspaper.

How ignorant can one be? I notice Mr. Fine is an East Brunswick resident, and I assume he has no young children. Yes, a rail line is fine, but it will run right through the middle of our town. Morning rush hour coincides with our children crossing those tracks every day. I don’t care about the pollution as much as I do about my children’s safety.

Yes, on a historical note, this rail line has been here a long time. But does Mr. Fine know there was a fatal accident many years ago? I don’t recall the details, but I believe it involved a mother and child.

So, Mr. Fine, if this truly doesn’t bother you in East Brunswick, then I guess you would have no problem moving to Jamesburg with your grandchildren and letting them cross those tracks every morning. Oh, and by the way, our firehouse, First Aid Squad and police station are on one side of the tracks. I certainly hope no one in your family will get hurt or require the fire department or police services when you move to our little town on the other side of the tracks. You obviously did not research this subject very well before you wrote your response to the letter written by Ruth Soden.

Look forward to meeting you when you move here.


Janet McNamara