Fair Haven, a great place to live


n the past year, there has been a lot of negative press in the local papers regarding Fair Haven. One would believe, based on some of the letters that certain residents continue to pen, that Fair Haven is a place where people just can’t get along. As an eight-year resident of Fair Haven, I would like to share with your readers a side of Fair Haven that doesn’t get much press.

Fair Haven reminds me of Mayberry: a quaint and charming town where the residents come together in shared values to try and make this a great place to live. And while I won’t pretend that problems don’t exist, I still feel that the overriding tone in this town is friendly and caring.

In February, my family attended the basketball game at Rumson-Fair Haven High School to honor Eric Puck. We watched from the stands as the Knollwood boys’ and girls’ teams battled it out against the police. We had tears in our eyes as Erin and her family took the court to a standing ovation. Thank you to the Puck family for providing the residents of Fair Haven with the gift of a wonderful evening of community spirit.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the PTA’s "Cook’s Tour 2000." When I first heard from some of the organizers of the event that they planned to have 15 Fair Haven kitchens featured on the tour, I thought they were crazy. I pontificated that in this day and age, they would never find 15 families who would be willing to open their homes to the public. Boy, was I wrong!

The day was a resounding success. The homes on the tour were all breathtakingly beautiful, and each one had its own unique flair. The homeowners were gracious and welcoming, the kitchens stunning, and the volunteers greeted visitors enthusiastically. The cooks, who kindly donated their time and talents, fed the tired visitors delectable morsels. The visitors could not have been more complimentary and thankful.

As I reflected at the end of the day the reason for the smile on my face, I realized that I was just feeling extremely happy and lucky to live in a town where so many people did so much hard work to ensure a successful day that would ultimately benefit our schools. Thank you, to all who opened your homes to the public, and to the organizers and volunteers of the event. Thank you for believing that it could happen.

Wendy W. Murphy

Fair Haven