Board should address safety issues before OK considered


omorrow night’s Monroe Planning Board meeting can turn out to be a hot one. Press releases have been circulated and signs have been posted urging residents to attend the meeting and voice opposition to a proposed housing development.

The proposed development calls for approximately 2,000 new homes.

However, the location of the site is what seems to upset township residents.

According to a map, the proposed development is located adjacent to Farmer Al’s. Some residents want the area kept as open space. Not only is it behind the farm, but it is also near Thompson Park.

In addition, the proposed entranceway is located on a curve in the road not far from the Barclay Brook and Brookside schools.

Another major concern is the proximity of the proposed houses to the railroad tracks. Currently, NJ Transit is considering activating a commuter line on the tracks that would run through Mon-mouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties — known as the MOM line.

While Monroe officials, as well as those in Jamesburg and South Brunswick, are hoping the commuter line will never leave the drawing board, the executive director of NJ Transit, Jeff Warsh, has other ideas.

If the MOM proposal is approved, the safety of the families in those houses could be jeopardized. Just because officials are hoping the commuter rail line proposal never goes through is no reason not to plan for, what at times seems like a very real possibility.

Owners have the right to develop their land, however, it is the job of the officials to make sure that development is in everyone’s best interest and safety.