‘BYOB’ clarified for Red Bank dining patrons


here seems to be some confusion concerning the so-called "bring your own bottle" law here in the borough of Red Bank. By law, only beer and wine may be brought in and consumed. Under no circumstances may "spirituous liquors" be brought into a BYOB establishment. Violations can be reported to the Red Bank Police Department. This law protects the public safety, and protects those who do have a liquor license.

In licensed establishments, bartenders check the age of people requesting alcoholic beverages, and refuse service to those obviously intoxicated. No such safeguards exist in unlicensed establishments. In addition, wait staff in unlicensed establishments are not to solicit for liquor sales. No exchange of money is permitted at the time of delivery of wine and/or beer to a BYOB restaurant.

Under no circumstances may a restaurant advertise the fact that it is a BYOB establishment. Underage drinking is, of course, strictly prohibited.

All this is contained in New Jersey Statute 2A:170-25.21 through 25.23.

One possible solution to end abuse would be the posting of signs in every BYOB restaurant explaining the law, and stating where to report violations.

John C. Austin


Red Bank Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse