Take a minute this summer to think about something other than your vacation or warm weather activities.
   Think about how many people will get injured in boating or motor vehicle accidents or other mishaps. Think about the people who can’t go on vacation, but must, instead, spend the beautiful days receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Think about other critically ill people.
   All of these people may need blood. But in New Jersey, the need far outweighs the donations.
   Take an hour out of a day once every two months – it can be every 56 days – and donate blood. If you are O negative, you can save many lives because you are a universal donor. Your blood can be given to anyone, regardless of their type.
   But all types are needed, O positive as well because that’s the most common, AB negative, the most rare, and B negative, the second most rare. There’s also A positive and A negative and B positive. Whatever your blood type is, there’s someone out there who may need it.
   Supplies of 0 have hovered around 60 percent for the past few weeks, and the Red Cross has been unable to make up the shortfall. It is asking for 200 extra volunteers every day to give blood.
   Be one of those 200. Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to make an appointment at a site nearest to you.
   The life you save may be one of your own loved ones. You never know.