S.R. students put their two cents in

SOUTH RIVER — Students from South River Elementary School are putting their two cents in to help protect wildlife.

Students from kindergarten through fourth grade have been donating pennies to the World Wildlife Fund’s Pennies for the Planet campaign.

The students began donating the money in May and, according to science teacher Rebecca Tedesco, they have collected more than 40,000 pennies.

"I have never seen children so determined to make a difference," Tedesco said.

The campaign will help save three endangered areas throughout the world.

The pennies are expected to be used to help create educational activities, survey locations, create walkways through the forests and establish protected areas for wildlife preservation.

In all, the students have raised $431.35.

"Using only pennies and concern for life, these students have rescued hundreds of animals and plants from an uncertain future," Tedesco said. "Their donation will assist the World Wildlife Fund in preserving habitats for animals and plants now and in the future."

In addition, the students were able to learn about plant and animal life as well as the destruction taking place in the ecologically sensitive regions.