E.B. OKs signs despite objections Billboards will be placed near turnpike

E.B. OKs signs despite objections
Billboards will be placed near turnpike

By Nicole C. Vaccaro

Despite resident opposition from five homes on Tices Lane, the East Brunswick Planning Board approved the construction of two additional billboards along the New Jersey Turnpike.

The decision, which was made last Wednesday night, will allow Carole Media of Wayne to place a billboard on Tices Lane, and Philcor Media of Philadelphia to erect its advertisement on Kennedy Boulevard.

While Philcor’s billboard was approved without much contention, there were some objections regarding Carole Media’s petition from residents living on Tices Lane.

"That sign is going to depreciate the value of their homes," said Terrill M. Brenner, a New Brunswick attorney. "It is aesthetically unpleasant and disruptive."

In an effort to appease the residents, a representative from Carole Media promised that the billboard’s lights facing residents’ homes would be extinguished by 10 p.m. each evening.

Furthermore, the company agreed to plant and maintain a buffer of evergreen trees on the residents’ lawns.

According to the board members, this was a fair compromise and enough justification to approve the billboard’s construction.

"The buffer needs to be built regardless, as stated in the municipal and case laws. So they are not really doing us any favor there," Brenner said.

Brenner also added that, while the residents are not satisfied with the board’s decision, he does not know of any plans for an appeal.

"It’s obvious that the Planning Board wants this and so probably wouldn’t change their minds anyway," he said.

Both billboards will be placed on the northbound side of the turnpike, as per the conditions of a Township Council ordinance adopted in February.

The ordinance outlines three designated areas where billboards can be erected (all on the northbound side) and limits the number of billboards allowed to four.

Matrix Outdoor Media of Monroe and Infinity Outdoor Inc. of Fairfield are negotiating for the remaining locations.