Musicians band together for children’s charity

EAST BRUNSWICK — In an effort to raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, 18-year-old East Brunswick residents Richard Curtis and Scott Kuchinsky have organized BobFest, a charity rock music festival, which will take place on Sunday.

The festival, which will comprise two separate shows at Playhouse 22, will feature performances from Wrath of Bob, Lucky, Captain Falafel and the Technicolor Cheez Whiz, and Michael Kovacs and the Post-Modern Tribe.

Co-organizer of the concert and Wrath of Bob band member, Kuchinsky explained that though they originally had a difficult time finding a place to house the event, Mayor Bill Neary played an intricate role in finding a location for the benefit.

"The mayor was fantastic. He was a huge help. He got us Playhouse 22," Kuchinsky said.

After receiving conformation that Playhouse 22 would be available only a month before the show, the two first-time concert organizers found that they had a great deal of work ahead of them if they hoped to organize the concert in such a short time.

"We’ve never run something like this before, and honestly, it’s a learning experience. However, I think it’s going to come out all right," Kuchinsky said.

Kuchinsky said that he was particularly excited about this event since it is being run by teen-agers and is primarily for teen-agers. He said that he hopes all on hand for the show will exercise good judgment so another event like this will be permitted to take place in the future.

"How we do at BobFest determines whether we ever do this again," Kuchinsky said.

Though all involved organizing the event are excited about providing entertainment for their peers, Kuchinsky explained that the ultimate goal of BobFest is to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The international organization, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, is dedicated to improving conditions in children’s hospitals and also focuses on entertaining children spending time in such hospitals.

"It’s a charity that raises money for kids and we all happen to feel it’s a very good cause. We want to raise a lot of money for the charity," Kuchinsky said.

Though it is the first time either Kuchinsky or Curtis have organized such an event, both performed at another benefit for the Starlight Children’s Foundation when their school hosted Music for a Cause. It was at this charity concert that the two say they were made aware of the Starlight Children’s Fund.

"If you raise $3,500, they’ll [the Starlight Children’s Foundation] name an entertainment center after you," said Kuchinsky, when asked what some of his goals for the event were.

Tickets for the event, which can be purchased anytime between now and the day of the show, are selling for $6 in advance and $8 at the door. For tickets or information, e-mail or contact Kuchinsky at (732) 254-6086.

— Brian Quinlan