Kucek misportrays racist activities


To the editor:
   John Kucek is not being honest with those of us who are concerned about his so-called "tax clinic" (Letters, "Meeting at VFW was misportrayed," Nov. 2).
   The fact that this letter also was sent to the American Populist Review, a group with close and solid ties to David Duke and his new organization, the National Organization for European American Rights, plus the fact that the editor of that site posted it himself shows what kind of group Kucek is involved with.
   The VFW did the right thing by shutting him out. If he could not be honest about the true nature of that meeting, which had a well-known white separatist named Tom Chittum on board as a speaker, he should not expect any support from the rest of us.
   Then again, if his goals are detrimental to us as a people, which they are, not only will he not see support, but also a direct effort to squash those goals.
   Despite how Kucek or the Nationalist Movement try to spin it, they have no right to subject us to their garbage.
   And you can print that!
Daryle Lamont Jenkins
New Brunswick