Candidates should make clean-air pledge to protect the public

As a resident of New Jersey, I am concerned about our poor air quality. This is especially true now in the summer months, when people with respiratory illnesses like asthma are warned to stay inside on nearly one out of every three days due to high levels of ozone or smog.

I was pleased to know New Jersey policy makers have introduced legislation to clean up one of the biggest sources of ozone and toxic air pollution in New Jersey, emissions from cars and light trucks. Recognizing the public health benefits of clear air, other states have already adopted this "Clean Car" program, which requires manufacturers to sell the cleanest possible cars.

I applaud Assemblyman David Wolfe (R-10) for his leadership in cosponsoring the Clean Car legislation, and I hope other legislators in New Jersey follow his lead.

I hope Jim McGreevey and Bret Schundler will show the same leadership as candidates for governor, and pledge to protect public health in New Jersey by supporting the Clean Car program and other key environmental health protections.

Dalia Zaza

New Jersey Public Interest

Research Group (PIRG)

Clean Car associate, Trenton