Looking forward to Jackson’s skate park

How delighted I was to learn of plans to build a skate park/skate rink in Jackson!

Skateboarding and in-line skating on ramps are quickly becoming the newest, biggest sport out there, and unfortunately the children in Jackson who are interested have no place in town to enjoy their sport.

All children need the camaraderie and companionship of their peers; skating in one’s driveway is limiting and can get old fast. Parents have to go to Lakewood or to Freehold Township to allow their children an opportunity to be with others with the same interests. On the other hand, children interested in more mainstream sports such as baseball, soccer or wrestling have fields to play in and teams to join. I am not dismissing the importance of those sports as well.

There are many children who don’t fit into traditional sports or just aren’t interested. All children should have an opportunity to enjoy their sports/interests even if they are considered "alternative" ones. I know I speak for many children out there, as well as for my own son. We look forward to the creation of the facility.

I thank the Jackson Township Rec-reation Department for having the foresight to add such an asset to our community.

Bonny R. Bowman