Resident says junk cars create junk areas in town

Resident says junk cars
create junk areas in town

I read with dismay the Howell mayor and council holding up for further wording/investigation the ordinance dealing with junk cars. Junk cars create junk areas.

The reasons given in the article have no value nor do they make any sense. If people have to work on junk cars because they cannot afford to bring theirs in for repair, they can take a course at a vocational school for a very reasonable price.

Keeping junk cars in their yards, in front of their homes and, in many instances, their front lawns, does nothing more than decrease the value of their home and surrounding homes, in addition to being a danger to small children and creating pollution.

If keeping a junk car on your property keeps your children at home, that is another serious problem; better they should learn how to repair lawn mowers so they can help around the house. In addition, racing is a very expensive hobby, and if anyone can afford to race a car, they can afford to have it repaired elsewhere or in a hidden area, such as their own garage.

Our town officials do an excellent job with regard to keeping Howell clean and safe. We pay good money for taxes and services and should not have to put up with junk cars, of all things. Take a ride down some streets in various developments (not farms with a good deal of land) and notice those junk cars parked behind (broken) fences, front lawns, on the streets of neighborhoods — would you like to have this next door? I think not.

Catherine DeStefano