Solebury has ‘intriguing’ library plan

By: Mae Rhine
   Another new, exciting option has surfaced for the New Hope-Solebury Library, one we feel has the potential of being financially wiser and better for all.
   The Solebury Township Board of Supervisors wants to consider a community complex with the library as its focal point.
   The library needs to expand along with the two communities it serves. Its 2,800-square-foot facility is overflowing.
   It has the option of swapping its building for 5,000 square feet of space in the basement below the new Michener Museum satellite in Union Square in New Hope.
   It also was considering a move to the Paxson property on Route 202 and Aquetong Road. But that could carry a price tag of nearly $2 million.
   Those opposed to the move under the Michener cite historical as well as aesthetic concerns. The complex being considered by Solebury would include space for the Historical Society as well as administrative offices.
   We agree with Supervisor Thomas Caracio the complex sounds "intriguing." Now we want to hear hard figures and a concrete plan of action.
   He has called for a joint meeting among all those concerned. We support this and eagerly await suggestions from everyone, including residents.
   The library board, with eight supporting the move to the Union Square space and seven opposed, should not make a firm decision now, but should wait to hear what Solebury officials have to put on the table.