Alternatives to defenseless deer slaughter offered

Something has to be done about the number of deer that are murdered along our roads and cause injury to motorists as well.

How about these suggestions? Why not spay a percentage of them as is done with feral cats? Why not ship a percentage of them to wooded areas?

If one purchases land and builds in a "deer belt," why not provide forage, salt and water for the deer?

You have, after all, rendered innocent creatures homeless and taken their habitat and food supplies.

Make mandatory animal signal devices in the bumpers of all vehicles to give them warning of danger.

Here’s a thought: How many homeless people could be fed from these so-called accidents if they were collected daily?

That might be a solution for the overabundance of Canada geese flocking all over New Jersey as well.

And lastly, I’d like to address the "sportsman" who butchered the head and antlers from one of these creatures and left the carcass to rot along the island along Route 18 near Colts Neck.

That was a despicable thing to do.

Hunting just for sport is nasty enough with high-powered scopes, for example.

Decapitating an accident victim is unsportsmanlike, to say the least. You have no honor.

Catherine Zizzi

West End section

of Long Branch