Closing road medians would create major difficulties for residents

At the East Brunswick Township Council meeting on Jan. 7, Mayor William Neary announced that it was proposed to completely close the medians on Ryders Lane at Corona and Salt Meadow roads as a result of the tragic accident on Dec. 25.

All residents in the immediate vicinity of these roads fully appreciate the very sad situation that occurred and the danger of these crossings; however, closing up the medians would present them with enormous difficulty. Residents will be obliged either to add to the traffic congestion of Route 18 or submit to the infuriating situation at Sullivan Way and Ryders Lane in order to access their own homes.

The present timing of the left directional signal permits only a few cars to turn left onto Sullivan Way within its duration. Going south toward Milltown from Sullivan Way, no more than three or four cars are able to turn left in a cycle.

As a resident in the area directly affected, I urge those living on Corona, Perry, Jean, Salt Meadow and other roads feeding into these to attend the council meeting scheduled for Monday, Jan. 28 to hear alternative proposals.

Brigid Brown

East Brunswick