Society should slow down, show respect for seniors

Have you discovered that as soon as you became a senior citizen, a change took place in your new status in life?

You now have become more aware of the disrespect shown you by younger folks in many professions in life, whether it be medical professionals, insurance companies, receptionists or retail personnel.

When you go to a physician’s office, the only time you see a smile from the office staff may be when you hear the word "co-pay." Are you given enough time to explain your problem? I’ve seen an elderly couple, holding onto one another and walking with a slow gait, asked to "hurry" to sign in at a doctor’s office when they could barely walk.

Why can’t society get off that roller coaster of life and slow down? We’d all be better off — stress breeds stress. Stop hurrying us.

We even have to do our own footwork or homework, taking care of our insurance problems, making all necessary phone calls for therapy, etc. We are grateful for the good doctors and medical help that we receive when we need it. However, whatever happened to the old bedside manner as shown by medical professionals?

We may not be able to run a foot race anymore, nor are we all in a nursing home, yet. But please let us work together with that younger generation in all facets of society. If we can just get them to slow down and show more manners to seniors and not disparage us in any way, only good can come of it.

The day will come when they will be seniors or older themselves. We are not out to pasture yet. When they are seniors, maybe we’ll not be around anymore to hear, "I’m sorry" or "Take your time."

Arlene Horvath