State income tax should fund New Jersey’s educational system

Property taxes have become a growing problem, resulting in a great hardship for New Jersey residents. Poor planning is a major contributing factor.

Housing construction has overridden its boundaries and, in turn, has created a multitude of children to overflow our schools.

The homes which have been built are not affordable to the general public and are highly priced in order to attract the wealthy.

When the wealthy owners move in, they enter their well-to-do children in our schools, thereby making our taxes go up, and in turn, forcing the lower income families to pay for the wealthy children’s education.

This is immensely unfair to place such a burden on the people, who have lived here most of their lives and contributed so much.

Financing the schools should come from the state income tax.

It is high time and long overdue for legislation to enact a new referendum, and in doing so, protect the future of the state and its educational system.

Ann Czok

East Brunswick