Former pastor to give talk at annual event

By: Casha Caponegro
   A familiar face will speak at Sunday morning’s 8th Annual All-Church Breakfast at the First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury.
   The Rev. Dr. Roger A. Kvam, who was pastor at the church from 1957 to 1961, will deliver a speech on "The Lineaments (Characteristics) of A Living Church" at the event that begins at 8:30 a.m.
   According to the Rev. Dr. Louis Mitchell, the church-wide event, which is jointly sponsored by the Men’s Fellowship and a Session Commission, occurs each year on the first Sunday after Easter.
   "It is a special fellowship event in which we have a special speaker, usually a professor from a university or seminary school," said the Rev. Mitchell.
   The Rev. Mitchell said this year’s guest, however, will be particularly significant for church members because of the Rev. Kvam’s relationship with the church and town.
   "He is a dynamic speaker who is a part of the church and Cranbury’s history," said the Rev. Mitchell.
   In addition, the Rev. Mitchell said those who attend the breakfast will be able to dine on delicious food as they hear a "message that will give them edification."
   "This way they’ll be getting both the physical nourishment through the food and spiritual nourishment through the message," said the Rev. Mitchell.
   Following the breakfast, the Rev. Kvam will speak at the church’s regular worship service on "The Resonance of Easter."
   Tickets for the breakfast may be purchased through the church office at a cost of $4 for adults and $2 for children under 13.