Hopefuls file to run in June primaries

Party nomination winners to run in November election

By:David Koch and Vanessa S. Holt
   Local municipalities and the Burlington County clerk’s office received petitions this week from candidates running in the primaries on June 4.
   The filing deadline for candidates running in the Democratic and Republican primaries was 4 p.m. April 8.
   Candidates who win their party’s nomination in June will be able to run in the general election Nov. 5.
Burlington County
   Offices up for election this year are two three-year seats on the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Incumbent freeholders Teresa Brown and Dawn Addiego are running for the Republican nomination.
   Democrats John Fratinardo and John Kocubinski will be vying against John Gural and Ted Rosenberg for their party’s nomination in the primary. Mr. Fratinardo is a member of the Florence Township Council and Mr. Kocubinski is deputy mayor on the North Hanover Township Committee.
   "My work on the North Hanover Township Committee has helped to bring many major projects to successful completion and yet our community has the lowest net property tax rate in Burlington County," said Mr. Kocubinski. "I am ready to bring my experience and business skills to the freeholder board."
   Mr. Fratinardo said, "Residents of Burlington County have seen our quality of life decline because of uncontrolled sprawl and ever-increasinbg taxes.
   "The freeholders claim they are holding the line on both of these troubling problems. I think we can do better, and I have the management experience to find real solutions."
   County Clerk Phil Haines said there were no other county seats up for election this year.
Bordentown Township
   Two three-year seats on the Township Committee are up for election this year. Republicans Bruce Hill and Thomas A. Coppolecchia are seeking their party’s nominations on June 4. No Democrats, including incumbents Carol de Groot and Pauline Angelo, filed petitions to run in the primaries.
   One three-year seat is available on the Chesterfield Township Committee this year. Republican incumbent Larry Durr and former committeeman and mayor Ed Conway have filed to run in the primary. No Democratic candidates filed a petition for the primary.
Democrats David Hansell and Janet Woodward have filed to run for the two two-year seats available on the Borough Council. No Republicans filed for the primary.
Two three-year seats and a one-year seat are up for election this year. The one-year seat belonged to former Committeewoman Molly Kaklamanis, whose term expires at the end of 2003. Former mayor John Bereczki was chosen by the Township Committee to fill Ms. Kaklamanis’ seat until the end of this year.
   Democrat Emily V. DelVecchio and Republican Charles E. Schubert will run for their parties respective nomination for that seat.
   For the two three-year seats, Republicans Patrick DeLorenzo and Arthur Puglia and Democrats John R. Stefanoni and Edward W. Grygo will run in the primary.
   Incumbent Mayor Ron Carty will not seek re-election.
New Hanover
   Incumbents William S. Kaytes and William H. Roscoe will run for the Republican nomination to the two three-year seats up for election on the Township Committee. No Democrats filed a petition for the primary.
North Hanover
   One three-year seat on the Township Committee is up for election this year. Incumbent Mayor Kenneth Inman and Louis DeLorenzo will be vying for the Republican nomination. Democrat Ernest G. Lukasik Jr. also is running for the seat.
   Republican incumbents Denis McDaniel, Richard Toone and Peter Sobotka have filed to run for the three two-year seats available on the Township Council. No Democrats filed a petition for the primary.