Candidate explains forum absence

Election forum letter

To the editor:
   On April 3, 2002, the East Windsor Education Association (EWEA) held its annual meeting to screen candidates who are running for the East Windsor Regional School District Board of Education. After asking a series of questions to all candidates, the union officials endorse those candidates who most favor the teachers’ viewpoints.
   I totally support this effort and have participated in it every time I have been invited. This year I was not in attendance because I never received an invitation to attend the screening meeting. All other candidates received a certified letter from EWEA inviting them to the meeting. It is my understanding that a certified letter was also mailed to my house while I was out of state on vacation, but it was returned to the post office unsigned. Thus, I never received the invitation and was unaware of the meeting until after it was over. Unfortunately, the education association did not take any extra efforts to make sure that I knew about the meeting. It should have been an indication to the association that I did not receive the letter after it was returned unsigned.
   I have devoted most of my adult life to the East Windsor Regional School District. For the past six years I have been a board member and prior to that I served for 28 years as a teacher and administrator in this school district. I know this school district and its program better than most board members. I can honestly say that no other board member has ever spent more time in our schools than I have. My desire to remain on the school board is to continue to find better ways to meet the educational needs of each student. I have always done this as a teacher and administrator and I continue to do so as a board member.
   If re-elected to the Board of Education, I will continue to promote ways to increase dialogue with teachers, staff, students and community members.
Carole E. Nelson
The writer is a member of the East Windsor Regional Board of Education representing Hightstown seeking re-election.