Questions about COAH money

Letter to the editor

To the editor:
   Regarding your article about Hightstown receiving COAH funds ("Borough to get COAH funds," April 5, 2002, Page 2A), let me get this right: Manalapan gives Hightstown money to "rehabilitate" some homes which can’t be sold for seven years. Manalapan is then forgiven its obligation to build "affordable housing" (read: low income) as per the Mr. Laurel decision?
   I don’t understand this exactly and perhaps someone can clarify it for me.
   Does that mean some enterprising individuals can take the money to fix up some of the larger, older houses in the borough? Can they turn them into multiple dwellings? Although they can’t sell them, are they permitted to rent them to families and/or individuals? Could these ultimately be turned into low-income housing?
   Might Manalpan’s property values then continue to skyrocket and Hightstown’s drop?
   Does this sound strange to anyone else, or just me?
Bette Barr
East Windsor