U.S. needs

non-terrorist allies
To the editor:
   Unfortunately, much media coverage of events in the Middle East is based more on pre-determined notions than actual events.
   Biased conjecture has replaced hard facts until repetitive sloganized fiction has become the idiom of NBC, CBS, National Public Radio and public television. This is highlighted by their steadfast refusal to differentiate between terrorism and counter terrorism, and the ensuing reverse logic imparted is misleading public opinion.
   With this line of reasoning, Prime Minister Sharon’s incursion into terrorist strongholds can been branded "state terrorism" and Arafat’s suicide bombers’ carnage as an expression of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians to defend themselves.
   America’s population is 50 times that of Israel’s Jewish population today. Thus, in proportion , Israel’s losses in dead from suicide bombers alone is more than three times ours Sept. 11. Therefore, simple logic would justify Prime Minister Sharon pulling three times as many feathers out of PLO’s goose as President Bush has hither to pulled out of the al-Qaida gander.
   This justifiable logic runs contrary to many media editorials. For them, it’s imperative and pre conditional Israeli first loose the ground war in order to get a fair shake in the media war.
   According to the media, Prime Minister Sharon should have mobilized the Israeli reserves and used them to surround shopping malls, bus stations, teenage discotheques, bat mitzvahs, Passover seders, restaurants and pizzerias. And when he ran out of troops, and the Nobel Prize Laureate Arafat hadn’t yet run out of Israeli civilian targets, perhaps the Jewish lobby in Washington could convince Congress to mobilize and send the AARP to guard all the other targets Palestinian terrorists deem legitimate.
   America’s interests are completely divergent from those advertised by the media’s harebrained and illogical anchormen. To win our war on terrorism, we need allies who themselves are not terrorists and not to build new terrorist entities on the bones of our true and trusted allies, such as Israel.
   On the contrary, logic dictates we, instead, build reliable allied entities on the bones of terrorist countries. Iraq, Iran and even Syria have large Kurdish populations. They, unlike the Palestinians, are an ancient people without a homeland and, unlike the Palestinians, were our active allies in the Gulf War.
   There are three times as many Kurds as Palestinians. The creation of an independent Kurdistan would be another sword at side. The media’s choice of an Arafatist Palestine on the other hand would put a knife in our back.

Daniel Levinson