Borough gets the green light to move on intersection land

By: Al Wicklund
   JAMESBURG — The borough soon will be ready to acquire the land needed to construct a traffic light on Forsgate Drive and curbs and sidewalks on Pergola Avenue, the borough attorney said.
   The necessary ordinance for land acquisition for the traffic signal at the intersection involving Gatzmer Avenue, Willow Street and Perrineville Road at Forsgate Drive was approved by the Borough Council last week after a second reading.
   "The ordinance gives us the authority to seek the needed parcels of land in the area that will be used for improving the roadway and setting up control boxes and stanchions for the light," Borough Attorney Fred Raffetto said Monday.
   Mr. Raffetto said the borough will seek small pieces of the property bordering the affected area.
   "We’re not seeking houses or large sections of land," he said.
   Under the provisions of the ordinance, the attorney and Borough Engineer Alan Dittenhofer are "to undertake all necessary actions" to acquire the needed land.
   Mr. Raffetto said that when appraisals of the value of the affected property have been completed, the borough will make offers and discuss values with landowners.
   The ordinance also provides the possibility of going to the courts for condemnation proceeding if all else fails, he said.
   He said the construction of the light will be primarily the responsibility of the Middlesex County Department of Engineering. Forsgate Drive is a county road.
   Mr. Raffetto said the ordinance for obtaining land for the curbs and sidewalks on Pergola Avenue has had its first, or introductory, reading, and will be scheduled for a second reading.