New traffic patternsin place this week

By:Alec Moore
   Borough officials urge residents to keep their eyes peeled and drive with extreme caution this week since several streets in town were officially designated as one-way streets on Monday.
   The streets in question are South 6th Avenue, South 7th Avenue, South 8th Avenue and Seminick Lane. South 6th Avenue and South 8th Avenue — which were two-way streets prior to Monday — are now southbound one-way streets between West Camplain Road and Roosevelt Avenue.
   South 7th Avenue and Seminick Lane have been designated as northbound one-way streets between West Camplain Road and Roosevelt Avenue. South 7th Avenue had previously been a two-way street prior to the change while Seminick Lane was previously a southbound one way street.
   Parking will be permitted on both sides of each of the four roadways.
   The road changes were approved by the Borough Council on July 9 of last year.
   The council’s decision to alter the traffic patterns on the four streets was made in response to the concerns of residents over the high number of accidents that occurred at the intersections of those roadways. The changes are just taking effect now due to the fact that the state Department of Transportation granted the borough approval to proceed with the road changes just last week.