Mural includes hopes, dreams

Letter to the editor

To the editor:
   It is rare to find something for nothing in today’s society. In a world where wealth determines social status and seems to reveal a person’s own success, it is even more unique to come across someone willing to provide the very essence of his soul, a magnificent piece of art, to improve the quality and appearance of an entire community. As a student of Mr. Plank, (the art teacher responsible for the glorious mural in the Hightstown High School), I can testify to the fact that my teacher is someone who most certainly encapsulates these rare qualities.
   When Mr. Plank first told me that he had been given the opportunity to paint a mural in our school, I could sense the sincere desire and enthusiasm to complete another brilliant masterpiece as one of his myriad contributions to Hightstown and Hightstown High. Aside from painting backdrops for after-prom parties, creating scenes and displays for high school events, spreading knowledge of art and art history to so many students, and most importantly sharing his motivation and inspiration with all who are there to listen, Mr. Plank was yet again embarking on his own personal effort to display the greatness and love that exists throughout all of humanity. Anyone who sees the finished product boldly displayed on the school corridor must agree that the mural does just that.
   Through the eyes of a pessimist, one is able to find fault in every creation and living thing upon this earth. It is true that birds cannot swim and people cannot fly, but does that say that either one is lacking an essential part of its being? Every image on Mr. Plank’s mural is part of our community and part of our world. The wall displays some of the greatest examples of life and all that this wonderful earth has to offer. It is an insult not only to Mr. Plank, but also to every individual in our vast community, to say that the work lacks any element of humanity. In reality, the mural includes every hope, dream and part of our heritage that lies within us all. The only true fault may come from a closed mind and an equally oppressed heart.
Matt Leibowitz
East Windsor
The writer is the president of Hightstown High School’s senior class.