Offer solutions, not criticism

Letter to the editor

To the editor:
   I, for one, am sick to death of people who complain and do not offer a solution. I refer specifically to the article in the Friday, May 3, edition concerning the mural at Hightstown High School ("Questions raised over mural’s ethnic inclusiveness," Page 3A). Why does Dr. Abalos choose to condemn this effort made by Mr. Plank? Is it Eurocentric? Primarily, but not entirely.
   Instead of criticizing Mr. Plank’s mural, why not take this opportunity to build on something wonderful. Approach the many cultural and ethnic groups and clubs in the high school and encourage them to design and create murals depicting their heritage. Involve the history and art departments. Post a key next to the murals, so those who are not familiar with that culture may learn who they are and why they are included. "Inclusive" is the key word here; choose to educate, not criticize. We can all learn something new everyday. There is ample space in the hallways to support many murals. I am sure that Mr. Roesch and Mr. Plank would be happy to entertain any suggestions.
Rebecca Worrell
East Windsor